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Narmada Technologies provides all types of Energy Efficient Heat Pump & Solar Energy Solutions for Residential, commercial & Industrial applications.

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8+ Years Experience in Heating & Solar Industry

With a wealth of experienced staff, Narmada TECH has all of the required capabilities to take our clients’ projects from concept to completion.

Our approach to project delivery combines sustainability, social responsibility and innovative technology to provide world class solutions with best uses of renewable energy resources, but to also provide value in meeting our Clients’ requirements.

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Heat Pump Water Heater

Suntec Heat Pump Water Heaters are new renewable energy-based device that can save 75% electricity. Using renewable energy heat sources from the ambient air to heat water, these heaters can provide hot water round-the-clock and throughout the year in an energy-efficient and affordable way. Suntec Heat Pump Water Heaters are the right solution for domestic hot water applications. That’s what makes our innovative, super-efficient heat pumps a great choice for families seeking a versatile heating and cooling solution. When you’re ready to install your Suntec heat pump through Authorized Distributor Narmada Technologies for Madhya Pradesh Region pls get in touch with us.

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

Uses heat from the air to heat water and saves energy as much as 60-80%, when compared to oil fired boilers or electric water heaters. It is ideal for commercial applications like in hotels, hospitals, spas, hostels etc. where hot water is needed in large volumes. This range saves on operating costs by tapping into the heat in the air in a safe and affordable way. You can satisfy your customers while saving on your energy bills.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are high capacity heating systems that can raise the temperature of the swimming pool water from ambient to set temperature (27 ~ 35°C) and maintain the temperature. Pool heaters transfer free heat from the ambient air to the pool water and run on electricity. Heat pump pool heaters do not actually generate heat like natural gas or propane heaters do making them more efficient. Heat pump pool heaters work in the same way your home’s air conditioner does and utilizes much of the same technology.

Solar Rooftop Power Plant

Narmada Technologies brings in its years of experience in designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops. We recognize that open roof spaces on rooftops on buildings have an excellent potential in energy savings every year with Net Metering policy. We can provide a complete turnkey service to provide a feasibility study, engineering, manage procurement and installation and commission the system to bring it online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters make one of the best ways to get hot water, while being a great electricity saver. Havells is a premium brand for electrical products in India. In its pursuit of crafting high-quality appliances, Havells has come up with an online range of solar water geyser. Apt for both residential and commercial applications, the solar water heaters by Havells are the best in terms of efficiency and long-lasting performance. These water heating appliances are designed to generate hot water without using electricity, which makes them environment-friendly. The solar water geyser features a high-quality Glass Lined inner tank and evacuated glass tubes to ensure that the water stays warm for long duration.

Domestic Pressure Booster System

Pressure Pump is a booster pump, which can be used to raise the water pressure which is supplied to your homes. The low water pressure can supply from the metropolis supply. This problem can be solved easily by fixing a pump. These pumps are mainly used for increasing the water pressure instantly which comes out from the faucets & appliances. There are some factors should be considered while selecting these pumps like the amount of pressure booster offered, pressure adjustability, pump casing, and its mechanism.

Water Softener

Narmada Technologies, it is our commitment to helping you find the right product to ensure you get the best water quality. We have a wide range of water softeners and products that are ISO certified to ensure you are getting the right system installed. The unit of water softener consists of a tank containing resin media. These resin are covered With sodium ions. The exchange Of ions takes place on these resin beads. When hard water passes through these resin beads, exchange of ions takes place. Ions of minerals causing hardness, principally calcium and magnesium gets exchanged for sodium ions. This results in softness of water. After continuous usage, resin beads becomes saturated with ions of calcium and magnesium and has to be regenerated. The process is called Recharging which can be conducted manually or can be automated. Recharging is done by flushing saturated resin beads With strong brine solution. This solution then replaces the hardness causing mineral ions bv sodium ions.

Water Conditioner

N_TECH Make e-softener is Eco-friendly, maintenance free water Treatment technology, which prevents scale and rust formation into piping systems and on appliances’-Softener generates special computerized impulses which treat the calcium crystals so they will stops adhering inside the pipe and flush it directly through water in to the drainage. Due to this process water gets soft and silky. It also removes existing deposited scale from your whole pipeline, within- 45-60 days, and prevents future fresh deposit scale again.

Utility Scale Projects

Narmada Technologies has projected itself as one of the top Solar EPC consulting firm in India. If you want to install an industrial rooftop solar power system, get in touch with us for hassle-free engineering, procurement and installation of on-grid solar rooftop systems. We install high-quality and durable solar panels so you can use them for years with complete peace of mind. You can use the solar power generated through them for various purposes and reduce your energy bills. If you have any query regarding renewable energy or solar energy generation through rooftop solar systems, get in touch with our experts.

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